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Getting to Know Marni Abrahams

How long have you been painting?  More than 15 years, I started with Judy Seymour, after a while I then joint the Guild of China Painters, where I was introduced to work shops from different teachers, but I continued painting with Judy for long time.

•What inspired you to begin?  A plate painted with yellow Roses that I purchase in Eden, that I thought was beautiful and the lady in the shop told me the plate was hand painted.

Do you have any painting disaster stories you can share with us?  Yes, when I started learning china painting I didn’t know about colour mixing. So I just put any colour together with lots of medium, and the colour became muddy. The colour looked grey brown, and after firing it was just brown – a disaster!

Do you have a favourite style of painting or a preferred painting medium?  My favourite style is European style, but also I like all style of painting.

Which painting books are your bibles?  I have one “Easy Onglaze Techniques” by Heather Tailor. This book has explanations about what you want to know of china painting, like…mixing paints, medium etc.

How do you keep motivated?  I like art, especially painting, (my father also painted very well) and also I like to meet different people and teachers.

What advice would you give to beginners?  Make sure you listen and watch carefully when the teacher is giving demonstrations, practice your strokes and read a lot of painting books.

What inspires you to paint?  When I see my finished work and when it comes up well with beautiful colours. When it is beautiful and admired by my family and friends it inspires me to paint more and more with different styles, colour, and subjects.

Name the artist(s) whose work you adore?  Denise Jones, Ursula Liebl, Diddy Yeung and Judy Seymour.

•Please tell us your favourite quote?  Don’t be too scared to try, don’t feel down when you make a mistake. Accidents always happens and keep trying.

 Extract from May/Jun 2014 Inspiration Magazine