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Getting to Know Bev Luke

How long have you been painting? I started many years ago and gave it away to go into a takeaway shop. So I didn’t paint for 20 years or more. Then I got the urge again and I started 12 months ago…and I am loving it.

•What inspired you to begin? My husband and I were moving and I found my paints and when I opened my case that they were in and loved the smell and got the urge.

Do you have any painting disaster stories you can share with us? Not really I am only a novice still.

Do you have a favorite style of painting or a preferred painting medium?  I love painting flowers. I have painted with oils, but I love china painting.

Which painting books are your bibles? I loved Wanda’s book. I used to read it all the time.

How do you keep motivated? I love to see something develop as you paint and fire it.

What advice would you give to beginners?  Listen to what is told to you!! And just keep trying.

What inspires you to paint?  I am looking at things to paint all the time. I have folders which I out pictures in and when I need something new I look through them to get inspired.

Name the artist(s) whose work you adore?  I love Diddy’s work

•Please tell us your favorite quote?  A stitch in time saves nine

 Extract from Nov/Dec 2015 Inspiration Magazine