When I was at home in Christchurch at Christmas my sisters – Leonie and Brenda – both had these stunning Purple Poppies growing in their gardens.  Leonie has so many, that there was a great variety to photograph, in full bloom with the stunning NZ Bumble Bees gathering the pollen, in various stages of opening and beautiful buds.  As well as the finished Poppy Seed Heads, some still green and many dried ready to release their seeds.

I have to tell you, I was staying at Brenda’s and Boxing Morning, and Brenda went outside for a walk in the garden only to find that her big bunch of dried Seed Heads in the front garden had all been cut off and a couple scattered across the front lawn. Brenda and Richard (my brother-in-law) have a security camera and checking it, we found that the Thief had come on to their property at 2.20 am Boxing Morning, stolen the Seed Heads and ran off with them.  We could even see the car headlights way up the street and the Thief running towards them, the car then speed past but we couldn’t get the number plate. This was the talking point of the day.

Of course I could not resist in taking many photos of these delicate flowers for reference, and I have used these as inspiration for painting.”

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