• Mask, you will be working with powder paints
  • Sepia Powder paint or colour of your preference.
  • Pen and a new fine nib
  • Pen oil of your preference. I use copaiba to mix the paint and turps to thin.
  • China, the above painting was done on a box 53/4 “ by 4”.
  • Photo’s are on the following page.
  • Stylus and pallet knife.
  • Any other equipment you think might be necessary for clean up e.g. Mini buds. Tissues.


Trace the major lines and any lines you consider important to get a good painting, I trace the outlines and put a dotted line for where the shadows are.

With your mask on mix your powder paint until the powder is just wet then thin with turps, while I am thinning I say to myself “think Ink”, this is the consistency you will need.

Now, using your pen, test the paint first on your tile to make sure the paint flows from the nib easily, start outlining the first of the ‘roos’, using tiny dots and an up and down movement.

Then shade, remember you are dotting, the closer the dots the darker the shading will be, for the lighter areas space the dots out, your eye will fill the spaces for you. You are trying to get the effect of the sepia photo on the next.