Dear Members,

Well, here we are again in Melbourne with a very cold wet winters day and in lockdown to boot. I decided that this was the perfect day to write my President’s report.

First the essentials are needed… a nice HOT “cupper” coffee, the heater up just a notch, my spoiled girls curled up in their bed and some nice music in the background.

I hope that this finds you and yours well and managing the trials that are put before us. I can really not complain, but like many am over the lockdown, but not a great deal I can do other than to keep my
mind and hands busy.

I thought that I would combine my report and an article that has been on hold for a while now. I was very lucky to have my ticket drawn in the lucky door prize at the Demonstration Day in March with
Estrella’s lace. The very generous donation piece painted by Estrella now sits in my studio and I feel very lucky to have the lovely dolphin. It was a great day with loads of information and learning for us all,
I am yet to finish my gem stone but it hopefully will be done when next we meet. Many thanks to Estrella for her great notes, information and time spent with us all on a great day.

We have been extremely fortunate to have had some more very generous donations made to the VGCP. The first I would like to mention is the most amazing portrait we nicknamed “Carmen Miranda”,
painted by our dearest Diddy. It was a very emotional day when Pat and I went to the Yeung house where we spent many a day painting with Diddy in her classes. The Yeung family, Espi, (Diddy’s husband) and April and Mandy (Diddy’s daughters) donated the piece to the Guild, and I hope this stunning piece will be able to sit proudly one day in our Historical collection. My heartfelt thanks to Espi, April and Mandy.

Sometime ago I met the very lovely and very talented porcelain artist Betty Dannock, who has most unfortunately, since passed away. Many members will remember Betty, as she had been a member of
the VGCP some time ago.  I recently received a call from Betty’s husband Frank, who wanted to donate Betty’s painting books, brushes etc. to the VGCP.  Frank, a truly delightful man who is rightfully proud of his wife’s painting, was happy to think that Betty’s ‘Bits and Bobs’ as he called them would be useful to another painter. In amongst Betty’s papers were some articles regarding China Painters and one was about Betty that will be in this magazine. Thank you Frank and our sincere condolences.

I am hopeful that our year ahead is less of a strain to all and that we are able to go about our day-to-day business and enjoy spending time doing things we love, be it sitting somewhere having that nice ‘cupper’ with a friend, going to a market, out to dinner, being with family and loved ones, painting with other painters without having to worry about masks and distance, walking in the sun or doing what ever takes your fancy on the day.

Take Care

Sandra Templeman.