Dear Members,

I hope this magazine finds you and yours well, and to all our metro Victorians, a special shout out to say we are getting closer to the light at end of the tunnel.

This year 2020 has definitely thrown out some extra challenges for us that’s for sure.

I am sitting in my dining room looking out the window on this EXTREMELY COLD WINTER’S DAY and my mind wanders to different subjects while I daydream and think of what to write in my report. It seems hard as we have not been able to get together, so I cannot talk about workshops and what we have been doing. So what do I say? We are all in the same boat (here in metro Vic), tired of being locked up and not able to get to painting or visit loved ones or do what we do on a day to day basis.

So here I sit thinking of all I could do or should but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. So do what you want, even if it is curling up on the bed and reading a book, watching a movie or like me staring out the window and thinking. I think how lucky I am that I can do this and that fortunately I have plenty of things I can do, I am fortunate compared to others, and I am grateful.

At the moment my visiting Magpie is letting me know that he has not been fed. He is sitting on the bird feeder in all his glory. Then my mind turns to Norma Barker and her ice skating birds and I smile and think how much joy and happiness this little magazine brings to so many.

This leads me to say thank you to all who make this as special as it is with the articles and brilliant paintings that are shared. It is up to ALL of us to keep it going so let’s keep the articles coming in no matter if it just something in the day that makes you smile, this is our “INSPIRATION“.

I look forward to when we can get together again, so until then stay safe and take care.

Sandra T