Dear Members

I hope that this finds you and yours well and I also hope that you are managing to cope with this crazy Melbourne weather.

It seems so strange to think we are starting Autumn and I am asking myself where was Summer? Yes, we had some terrible, really HOT days but I think there were more grey overcast days that there were Hot days. Anyway, we can’t change what Mother Nature gives us, we must just be grateful to be able to enjoy what we have.

The Guild year started with our first General meeting for the year and then Estrella demonstrating her “One Fire” Thistle mugs. We had a good attendance even though many of our members were unable to attend with either health or other commitments on the day. The members who were there on the day had heaps of fun with the VGCP Super Stock take sale, there was definitely lots of bargains to be had for all.

A very long time ago we started a new idea for the magazine to encourage some more members to take part and write an article for the magazine. We called this section “Road Trip”, do you remember this section????  So, I thought I would try again to encourage you to write even just a few lines now we are able and we are starting to get back out again after soooo very long being locked up and unable to
travel with the Covid issues. Many are starting to get back out there again. A road trip can be any trip be it car, tram, bike or just a walk.

I look forward to reading about your trips out, take care with your travels and be safe.

Take Care       Sandra Templeman