Blackberries with Chris Chamberlain 

Our First Workshop for 2022 and ….  Wow.  How wonderful it was to see so many ladies turn up for Chris’s Workshop – Painting Blackberries.

We have been waiting so long for this Workshop and we were not disappointed. Absolutely amazing.  Chris makes it look so easy to paint the berries, but some of us may have a different viewpoint.  Chris had 3 beautiful pieces painted for us to see.  A stunning Cylinder Vase, showing the Berries in all stages of growth, from unripe Berries to Fully Ripe. And a fabulous Box painted.  Both these pieces had extended design using Penwork, showing how to incorporate this into the design. And also a stunning Dish with Blackberries in 2 of the 4 corners. Chris generously offered this Dish as a special prize and Pat Templeman was the Lucky Winner.   I have included a couple of photos here for you to see. 

I hope that this inspires members to have a go at painting these beautiful Blackberries and to finish the pieces started. I look forward to seeing some at our next Show And Tell.

Happy Painting