Blue Wren’s by Chris Chamberlain

What a FABULOUS workshop we had this July with Chris, painting Blue Wrens.  In fact we had 21 members come for this workshop, which is testament to Chris as an Artist and Teacher.  This was actually Part 1 of a 2 Part Workshop, as you cannot do justice to these amazing birds in one day.   Chris brought with her some amazing pieces already painted for us to admire, enjoy and inspire us to paint.  These pieces were of the Suburb Blue Wren which she said was her favourite to paint.  Chris demonstrated how she did the 1st firing and then it was up to us to get out brushes working.  Watching Chris paint, she makes it look so easy.  You must remember how many of these Wrens she has painted.  It was also great, as each of the pieces Chris brought to show, the backgrounds were all different and gives you great ideas to paint.

I will share some of these photos with this article and also some in Show and Tell for July, as well as Members enjoying the day.

Thanks Chris for a Fabulous workshop, looking forward to Part 2 in September.

Happy Painting Denise