It with deep sadness that we advise that our dear colleague, friend and painter, Carol Louttit has died.
Our thoughts and wishes to her family; husband Neil, daughter Lani & son Adam, his partner Felicity; and son-in-law Jonathan.

Her funeral will be held on Tuesday 28 November at 2:30pm at W.D. Rose – 339 Warrigal Road, Burwood.

Carol joined the Victorian Guild of China Painters Inc (VGCP) in 2003 and quickly became involved in the VGCP, becoming a Committee Member, acting as Vice-President in 2007 and in the same year assisting with the Exhibition.

Over the years Carol has been a constant Committee member, as well as Editor and Co-Editor of the Guild Magazine.

Carol was a beautiful painter who loved experimenting, and who painted with a number of teachers over the years, learning and enjoying various styles.

In more recent years, due to health issues, Carol was unable to attend as many workshops as she wanted, however she maintained a high level ofinvolvement with both the Committee and workshops.

Thank you Carol – you will be missed and are much loved.