My love of art was evident in Junior (Primary) School and progressed into Secondary (High) School as I grew up in Derby England. At age 11,  I passed an exam which gave me a scholarship and enabled me to go into a Grammar (Private) School, or Joseph Wright School of Art.  Several teachers at my school encouraged me to go to the Joseph Wright School of Art; it was the right choice for me.

After leaving school I went to work at the Royal Crown Derby factory which wasn’t that far from where I lived. I became a Gilder after a period of training; painting the intricate Amari patterns in 22 carat gold, and also other well known Crown Derby ware. I worked there from age 15 to 19 at which point I got married and my husband of one week and I set sail on the Fairstar for Australia as £10 Poms in 1967.

I have kept up my love of art over the years and was asked to co-illustrate (with another artist) the periodical magazine called Nature Notes for the local Primary School that our daughters attended.

I was a member of the Whitehorse Art Association in Nunawading and for a few years took on the role of organising art shows of the members’ works at various shopping centres.

Art took me into another realm, when I joined the Maroondah Calligraphy Society, another dimension in structure, line, perspective, it’s a very rewarding skill to have learnt.

My introduction to China Painting again (although different from what I was doing at the Crown Derby factory) was when I went to an exhibition at Mont Delancy and saw a lady demonstrating the art. Chris Chamberlain was that lady and from there, I joined her class and have enjoyed being part of a group of like-minded ladies since 2010. I have learnt so much and after trying many different styles and subjects, I have been drawn into painting animals and birds, which I am finding challenging and exciting.

Entering my work in the Lilydale Show was another step and that’s where the VGCP was introduced to me by Sandra Templeman. Sandra asked if I would like to become a member, which I did, and have enjoyed the monthly meetings and demonstrations by gifted teachers, plus the fun that goes with being in the company of ladies with a passion for the Art of China Painting.