Christina Wilke

Minute Secretary

I love art and have always drawn or painted in some form. I came to Porcelain art in a roundabout fashion. I started in the Ceramic Arts in 1995, started learning Slip Cast Ceramics and found I had a talent for it. I went on to become a teacher in Slip Cast Ceramics and cast my own pieces at my home studio.

In 2001 I gave up the ceramics and concentrated on Porcelain dolls for a few years; I loved pouring and making the dolls and making their outfits. I also continued to study, obtaining my Masters with Honours in Porcelain Doll Making.

In 2004 I thought that I should go back to painting so I took up Porcelain Painting and I haven’t looked back. My preferred topics are Pen Work and portraits. I also like to paint animals and birds and am able to paint some flowers. I started on the Committee in 2012 and this year I started to teach.