Workshop with Ursula Liebl Painting European Roses and Shelling (Borders)

What a great Workshop we all had yesterday with Ursula.  As always, Urusla’s Workshops are always so amazing and interesting and challenging as well.

Ursula brought with her two “Simply Stunning” European plates painted in her unique European style with her “Shelling” Borders.  Just Beautiful. And also 2 smaller plates with Pink European Roses and the Green and Black European Roses.  Watching Ursula painting the Roses, she makes it look so easy.  But we all know it is all her Years and Years of experience and daily painting and Many Roses that she has painted, that makes it look easy.

It was really great to see so many members all working on plates and also some Cups and Mugs that Ursula brought with the first firing for the Shelling completed.

Thank you Ursula for a great Workshop.  Loved it.

Happy Painting