Ursula’s Fantasy Bird Workshop 

On Saturday we had a fabulous half day workshop with Ursula painting Fantasy Birds.  Although we have done this subject previously (2016) members requested that we do these again, as they are such a wonderful subject to paint.  Ursula had painted 2 plates, one with a 1st firing and one 2nd firing (completed) for us, looking at them you can see that there is a lot of detail in them.  Watching Ursula paint them, she makes it look so easy, but we all know it isn’t.

She also brought in to show us, the Beautiful Cup and Saucer, and the Fancy Bird Plate, the detail in this is just fabulous.  And then this stunning Blue Bird Fantasy Plate.  I said to Ursula that it was stunning and I loved it in the blue. She said she was inspired to paint this from a Serviette she had which was all in the Blue Monotone, it shows that inspiration comes from many sources.  Towards the end of the workshop, Ursula came up to me and presented me with this Beautiful Blue Fantasy Bird Plate.  I was absolutely surprised, stunned and Thrilled.  She said it was a thank you for helping her with printing of copies of notes and pictures for the workshop, for everyone.  This looks fabulous in my kitchen, which is Blue and White.  I am so very lucky.  Thank you again Ursula, for “my plate” and a great workshop.

Happy Painting, Denise

Fantasy Bird Plate  – Painted by Ursula Liebl 

As we were painting Fantasy Birds again, Sandra brought this plate into show and share.  This plate was painted by Ursula for a previous Workshop and Ursula gave it to Sandra as a thank-you.  It is a great example of 1st and 2nd firings and how to finish the plate and is proudly displayed on Sandra’s home.  Actually I just checked when the previous Fantasy Workshop was and it was in 2016, wow seems like six months ago.

Fantasy Birds – Painted by Denise Jones

I thought I would bring in these two little vases to show and share.  I actually painted these at a workshop at Ursula’s in 2010.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting them then and loved painting them again now.  On the round vase, the birds go all the way around.  As often happens with workshops, the teachers do not always see the pieces finished.  So Ursula was very pleased to see the finished result.  And I love them as well.

Fantasy Bird Plate  – Painted by Marni Abrahams 

Marni brought in her beautiful Fantasy Bird Plate that she started to paint with Ursula in a previous workshop, and it is beautifully finished.  At a previous workshop we also did “Shelling” with Ursula and Marnie has included this as a border on her plate, and it look brilliant.   This type of border is absolutely perfect for the Fantasy Bird painting.  For those who have not tried the Shelling, it is much more difficult than it looks, and is very time consuming to try to get as even as possible.  But definitely worth it, as I am sure you would all agree.