Blue Vase – Painted by Christina W

This Blue Vase is absolutely fabulous, the detail exquisite and the work to paint this Vase – all I can say is time consuming.  When I spoke to Christina she was tell me about it and then I received an email from her with some information, so I am including this here for you:

“Denise asked me what had inspired me to paint my blue vase and after thinking about it I realised that it was the blue willow dinner set that my mother had when I was a child, I loved the blue and white of the pattern. When I was doing ceramics I did a couple of articles, one on the Chinese underglaze blue and white ware and the other was on the Iznik (Turkish) blue and white ware. In thinking about this vase I wanted to combine the Turkish style with the Chinese style, the peony is often painted in Chinese brush work and ceramics so I chose that for my representation of their painting and the rest of the design is a fusion of Turkish, Japanese and Chinese.”

Lace Design Plates  – Painted by Estrella Munoz and Denise Jones

In August the APAT Exhibition was held on the Gold Cost and several people from Victoria attended.  There were Mini Workshops (half day) and One Day Paint-A-Longs held over the Exhibition.  Estrella and I attended the Lace Workshop with Keiko Shimizu.  Keiko’s way to paint this Lace is very different to any other method I have seen but very interesting and rather challenging.  We all had the same design which was traced on.  In the photograph, the Plate on the Left is painted by Estrella and mine is on the Right.  Obviously no two people can paint the same, so it is interesting to see the difference in our techniques.  The Lace is painted with a special product that Keiko provided us with.  It looks like a gold metallic, but has a texture body in it.  It is very smooth to work with and we mixed this powder with Water Based Medium.  Then we put it in little cellophane funnels just like an icing piping bag.  The Butterfly in the middle was done first, scratching the design out of the Black Paint which was also mixed with Water Based Medium.  We were very fortunate as Anneke kindly fired these for us.

Monotone Waterfall – Painted by Estrella Munoz

Estrella attended the Mini Workshop with Barbara Cronin from W.A.  painting in Monotone.  And Estrella’s plate is fabulous and shows how using a limited pallet, you can create stunning artwork.  Estrella said that it was a very small but interesting Workshop to attend and a lot of fun.

Chrysanthemums – Painted by Estrella Munoz

This Plate is absolutely stunning.  Estrella was also fortunate to go to the Paint-A-Long with Grace Lee.  The amount of work to get through in One day was huge, just looking at the detail. In order to do this in one day, Grace had organised all the outlines to be already fired, so it shows a lot of preparation had gone into this workshop.  And Graces notes are extremely thorough.   I would love to have gone as well, but was demonstrating myself, but I did purchase the instructions from Grace and will have a “play” and experiment.

“Akae” Traditional Brushwork Plate – Painted by Estrella Munoz

This was another Paint-A-Long with Keiko Shimizu that Estrella was fortunate to attend.  I was also intrigued with this Plate.  Talking to Estrella today as I am writing this article she has given me some detail into the plate.  Estrella said that there was an enormous amount of preparation before the painting began.  The design was traced onto the plate, but all the grid lines needed to be drawn on nice and straight.  Then all the lines were done with Keiko’s brush.  The Red paint was mixed with Water Based medium.  Looking at the detailed work, so time consuming, and the line work is just fabulous.  Love it and wish I could also have done this.

Fun with Faces – Painted by Estrella Munoz

This was another Mini Workshop that Estrella attended with Jill Varga.  Very interesting.  Estrella was telling me that all the Flowers were done with Paint mixed with Water Based Medium and using an Ear Plug, the flowers were sponged on.  She said you could hear all the little “pop, pop and ping” as everyone was having fun with the flowers.  Then they used a brush and did the outlining around the petals.  The “portrait” was brushed/penned in the centre.  Estrella said that this was a very small group, and they had an enormous amount of fun.

Roses – Painted by Estrella M, Chris Chamberlain and Christina W

Melanie Foster who was a Guest Artist at the Queensland APAT Exhibition, travelled to Melbourne and on to New Zealand to do some workshops.  For our Show & Tell, Estrella, Chris and Christina all brought in their Rose Tiles that they painted with Melanie, to show us.  Wow, they look fabulous.  The subject everyone painted was the same, and I had trouble working out which Tile was Estrella’s and which was Chris’s. So if I have labelled them incorrectly, my apologies.  I knew Christina’s as she did her tile vertically.  Estrella was giving me some of the details of their painting so I knew whose was whose.  It is when you look into each tile that you can see the subtle differences that each person’s painting style is slightly different.  All fabulous.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stunning Porcelain Artwork with us.  We look forward to seeing many more beautiful art pieces from other members.

Happy Painting