Joyce’s Pearl Workshop 

Our March workshop was with Joyce, painting Pearls.  I know that we have had this subject previously approximately 10 years ago, but again it was just fabulous. And there were people there that had not seen this before.

Joyce is always so happy to show and explain the Art of Painting Pearls and she makes it look so easy.

She also brought in with her a large display of some of her painted pieces and also various pieces painted of the first firing, second firing etc, so that we can see all the stages.

Another thing that was really important, was that the printed notes Joyce provided us on Painting Pearls was a copy of the information she received when she did a workshop with Letha Sandifer from America.  Joyce said that when she was originally going to do a workshop on Pearls, she contacted Letha and asked her for permission to use her notes. She said she received a lovely reply and approval to do so, and also a thank you for her professionalism with asking for permission to do this.  This is such an important and integral part of our art and an acknowledgement to the original artist.

With that being said, Joyce showed us so many different ways to incorporate Pearls into our designs, and also painting the Ivory Pearls, Pink Pearls and Black Pearls.

Thank you Joyce for another terrific workshop and sharing your knowledge and beautiful artwork.  I have selected a couple of pieces to share with you all.

Cheers Denise