Pointillism – Painted by Christina Wilke

Wow, Christina brought in to show us her beautiful pieces that she has painted in the Pointillism Style.  She is demonstrating this technique in our April workshop, which is a half day workshop.  The detail is just amazing.  I am now looking forward to this with a new enthusiasm, as I have not actually done Pointillism before so really looking forward to a new technique.  Looking at these pieces, gives a new appreciation for this style of artwork.

  The Tiger: is unbelievable,  you really need to look into this tile to see what is there, look at the detail, can you see the Trees?



The Vase:

I have included photos of both sides of the Vase and one showing the design going around to the sides.  Have a look at the detail in this vase, unreal.  I can see all sorts of things, The Mad Hatters Tea Party, comes to mind.  And the Mushrooms remind me of weekends at Warburton.

  The Lion:  Love the detail and my favourite – Design inside and outside, details just terrific.

  The Kangaroos:  Absolutely beautiful, my apologies, my photo does not do this box justice.

Happy Painting,  Denise