Splendid Blue Wren – Painted by Marie Holt

As our Workshop in July

As our workshop in July was on Blue Wrens with Chris Chamberlain, Marie thought that the August Workshop was the continuation of the July workshop.  So she brought with her this stunning Splendid Blue Wren that she had painted on a porcelain canvas to show.  This was actually painted a couple of years ago in one of my local classes, and it is fabulous.  Marie found this terrific White Box frame and mounted it in that.  My apologies as the photo I took of the framed piece, didn’t do the artwork any justice, so did not include that.  She has also painted some beautiful “Baby” Wrens on a tray, perhaps I can get her to bring this in for our September workshop, which is the Wrens with Chris.


Bugs and Butterflies – Painted by Lynn Walker

Lynn brought her beautiful plate to show us.  As this month’s workshop was Bugs and Butterflies, Lynn had been busy painting these in her own style.  It is always so much fun, experimenting with a subject and style of painting.  I love the combination, including my favourite – the Dragonfly, and also a Cricket and Caterpillar, as well as Flowers and Leaves.  So much fun.


Lace – Painted by Estrella Munoz

This plate is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.  Just love it.  Although painting of Lace has been around for a lifetime in painting, Mariela Villasmil whom some of us were lucky to paint with last year, has brought this subject to the foreground again, incorporating it into her artwork.  Although Estrella did not paint any Lace with Mariela, she watched some demonstrations and then she studied and then practiced and played with this subject. The detail in the Lace is unreal,  looking at the whole picture you really cannot see the detail, so I have also included a close up.  You can see every stitch made. And this is on a very large plate.  From memory I believe it took several days to complete the 1st firing.  Just exquisite work.  I have played with this technique myself and it is definitely not an easy subject to do.  And Estrella has absolutely mastered this technique.


Poppies – Painted by Denise Jones

I thought I would include this plate as well.  This is the Plate that I demonstrated the Poppies on in March.  And it is now finished.  Many times when you demonstrate a subject, the piece never gets finished.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting this subject in various formations, and was happy with the finished piece.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stunning Porcelain Artwork with us.  We look forward to seeing many more beautiful art pieces from other members.

Happy Painting