Baby Rose Miniatures  – Painted by Denise Jones

I thought I would share these 2 Miniature Sets that I painted several years ago for my Mum.   Mum absolutely loved “Most” of the pieces that I painted, but she absolutely loved my Roses, and particularly my Baby Roses.  In fact Mum always had a love of Fine Bone China, and had collected “a lot” over her lifetime.  She would tell us that at one point before she was married, her Mother threatened her about buying any more China (or Silk and Linen Tablecloths..), as she spent far too much money on them.  Over the years my sisters and I have thoroughly enjoyed this passion with her.  So when I found these two little sets, I mentioned them to her and her comment was “Oh I haven’t got them yet, they must be in the post”.  So of course, they were painted and taken over, much to her thrill and delight.  She also had a love of Porcelain Elephants, and was totally thrilled when I painted this little one.  So when we were sorting through Mums China last year, my sisters Leonie and Brenda both said that these special pieces needed to come back with me.  And I enjoy them every day.  It is really lovely when we have these special memories to cherish.