Members Show and Tell  

Group Photos:

I have included a couple of Group Photos of the tables showing all these beautiful pieces are Porcelain Art, as a group. Just wonderful to see the diversity of subjects and techniques. It shows that you can paint absolutely everything and anything on Porcelain.

Thank you to Everyone that brought in their pieces to share, it really is so interesting to see and talk to the artists as to what inspired them to paint their pieces.Well our first Meeting and Workshop was a great success and we had a fabulous display of artwork from our members.  There really was so much excitement when people were looking and asking about all the pieces.  Thank you to everyone that brought this along.  It really is terrific to see and you get some brilliant ideas,  this is what it is all about.

Theo The Cat – Painted by Estrella Munoz      

When I saw this plate I just said “Wow”.  You will have recall the photos of Val’s Cats Theo and Leo in our previous Inspiration Magazine last year, well in my introduction to Theo, I had put out a challenge to see if anyone would be interested in painting him, as he is absolutely beautiful.  Estrella tells me that even before she read about the challenge, she had already started to paint Theo, as she loved his portrait.  Estrella had shown me the painting after the 1st firing, brilliant, and I was blown away when she brought out the plate finished.  And to see Val’s face when she saw it was priceless.  Estrella, Theo is so lifelike, amazing work.  Guess What Estrella, I bet Leo is jealous. Just saying….

  Lace and Jewels  – Painted by Estrella Munoz

Estrella brought in 4 Mugs that she has painted with Lace and Jewels.  They are simply stunning.  The details in these pieces is brilliant.  There is an enormous amount of work in these designs, very detailed and time consuming (as with most of our art).  We are lucky to have Estrella in a Full Day Workshop on 21 March with painting some Lace work.  We are not yet sure of the design, but it will be something brilliant and interesting.  The 4 mugs that Estrella painted, were showing the different colour themes you can do.  These 4 mugs were painted for a workshop that will be at Judy Seymour’s Studio later this year.  I have only included one photo, due to space.  And I didn’t get a photo of all 4 together, my apologies.

  Single Rose Bowl – Painted by Val McKerihan

Val had mentioned about this Rose Bowl that she had painted some time ago, that she felt was unfinished and needed a “little something” but wasn’t quite sure what it was.  When she brought it out, immediately I could see that it just needed to have that added depth of value and colour to it.  So after showing her what I was talking about, she set about working on one side of the vase.  I suggested that she bring this along for our show and tell as it is really great to share with others, and see the difference between the two sides.  I remember my 1st teacher, used to say “get the darks in”.  And sometimes that is all that it needs.  And it is looking fantastic.  I look forward to seeing the other side painted as well, as it is a stunning piece.

Fuchsia’s – Painted by Rebecca Lim 

Rebecca brought in her stunning Fuchsia Plate to show us.  Speaking with her she said that she was inspired by the pictures from the book “Flowers of the World”.  And that this is her second plate that she has painted as she just loves painting them.  I have also enclosed a close up, as the flowers are so delicate, the detail is exquisite.

Blue Wren and Bugs and Butterflies – Painted by Rebecca Lim 

Rebecca brought in her Blue Wren plate and Bugs and Butterfly Plate which she has now finished.  These plates were started in the workshops on Blue Wrens with Chris Chamberlain and the Bugs and Butterflies with Ursula Liebl last year.  They are both absolutely stunning.  The detail in the Blue Wren plate with the berries is fabulous. Just beautiful.

Thailand Plate – Painted by Judy Seymour 

Judy brought in her plate to share with us from her recent trip to Thailand.  This is something very different and exciting.  I asked Judy to write a few words for me to share with you in this article, as although she had told me all about it, I knew I would forget the details of it.

From Judy:  “I am showing this plate to let you see how a photo can be made into a decal to your own size specification.  This is not a cheap process.  The plate was painted in Thailand, depicting a temple the group visited.  I then chose the best photo and with Estrella’s help edited it and emailed to the company.  I think I may well fire again and put a raised gold border around the photo”.

When Judy was showing me the plate she painted, particularly in respect to the decal in the centre, she felt that it needed that little bit extra, to really show the photo up.  She decided that it would look good with some form of texture around the photo, which she has done using Texture Paste and on another firing, put the Liquid Bright Gold on it.   You can see that it really does make a different and sets the photo up beautifully.  She was hoping that there would not be a problem with refiring of the decal, and this has been done successfully.  And it looks terrific and definitely very different.  It is a great example, that if you really feel it needs that extra firing (or two), it is definitely worth the time and effort. 

    Tulips – Painted by Sandra Lucey

Sandra brought in this beautiful plate to share with us.  She said that she had a book from the Library and that the Tulips were in there and she loved the idea of painting them.

Really beautiful and they suit the plate perfectly.

Cheers Denise