What a great Workshop we had this month with Estrella,  painting Sunsets In The Topics.  Estrella said that the idea for these tiles was that they could be used as Placemats.  An interesting idea.

Estrella had painted several different designs of Tropical Sunset Scenes for us as well as 2 tiles with Thistle type flowers, which shows that the method can be used for many different subjects.

Again, Estrella has shown us how to incorporate different techniques into a One Fire approach.  This was really a lot of fun, and she makes it look very easy, which is a sign of a good teacher.

We began our tiles using paints mixed with Water Based Medium, and once applied, and dried, you could then paint over this with the Black paint which was mixed with Oil.  A very interesting idea.  It was really terrific to see so many people having a go and painting in this style.  The notes that Estrella prepared were very extensive, with lots of pictures of sunsets and different palm trees and ideas and also the different border ideas and instructions provided were brilliant.  I know that I used a “little too much water in the brush, making mine a bit more like a water colour painting, so I will need another firing in the background. But that’s ok too.  Estrella had definitely put in considerable time and effort to provide everyone with all this information. And details.   Thanks Estrella, for another brilliant workshop.

And also, I was the lucky door prize winner as well,  just to finish off a brilliant day.  Here are some great photos taken on the day. 

Cheers Denise