Ursula’s Bugs and Butterflies Workshop

What a fabulous Workshop we had  with Ursula Liebl painting her Meissen Style of Bugs and Butterflies.  Absolutely fabulous.  And terrific seeing so many people attending and painting.  Ursula brought with her a fabulous finished plate and one with the first firing on as well. And some Mugs Painted. In order to get all the Butterflies and Bugs painted in 1 firing, Ursula had made up a special medium of Sugar and Water for us all to use.  And you mix this with your Black Powder Paint to a penning consistency.  We penned the outlines in the morning and these were left to dry over lunch.  In the afternoon Ursula demonstrated how she painted the Bugs and Butterflies, making them stand out.  The original subject was to have been some a Bouquet of Flowers and the Bugs and Butterflies, however to do this in 1 day is really not possible to do it justice.   So we could do the Bouquet next year perhaps.  At the end of the workshop, Ursula very generously raffled one of her beautiful Mugs and the lucky winner was Cynthia Swingler.  Congratulations Cynthia.

Another terrific workshop.

Butterfly Plate – Painted by Ursula Liebl

Following Ursula’s wonderful Butterfly and Bug Workshop which was in August, Ursula has been busy and painted this absolutely Stunning Butterfly Plate.  The detail on the butterflies is absolutely fabulous and the detail of the Snowdrops sets the Butterflies up beautifully.  And talking to Ursula I believe that this plate was from our Buy Swap & Sell.

Butterflies & Bugs – Painted by Marie H

This beautiful plate was started in Ursula’s workshop and Marie has since finished painting it.  Painting with the Sugar & Water penwork method was something that was new to Marie and she said she found it a very interesting medium to use.

Baby’s Bootie – Painted by Lyn W

This Baby’s Bootie has been painted by Lynn in our Butterfly & Bugs workshop and it is beautiful.  What a great idea, especially if you are wanting something so special as a Baby’s Bootie for a Little Boy.  I am sure his parents will be absolutely thrilled with it.

Butterfiles & Bugs – Painted by Sandra T and Val M

This photo is showing two of the pieces painted with Butterflies & Bugs –  the one on the left is by Sandra T and the right by Val.  Both stunning.  I believe also that the Tankard was from the Buy Swap & Sell Table.

B & B (new nickname) – Painted by Denise Jones

I started to paint a Cup & Saucer at the B & B Workshop – just for something different. And I really loved doing this. And off home I went and found some more cups & saucers and the B & B’s ended up multiplying – a great idea for some gifts I think.  Absolutely loved painting these.   It shows that some of those pieces you have tucked away in the cupboard – can look terrific once painted.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stunning Porcelain Artwork with us.  We look forward to seeing many more beautiful art pieces from other members.

Happy Painting